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We link our entrepreneurial successes with social responsibility and a commitment to the environment. Our overriding goal is to establish solar power as a competitive source of energy and thus to help make our future worth living.


The amount of energy that the sun sends to the earth within one hour is enough to cover the amount of electricity that the world's population consumes in one year. If we were to succeed in utilizing just a fraction of this energy in meaningful ways, some of our most urgent problems such as global warming, air pollution and limited resources would cease being an issue in the near future. Sun and Life's aim is to prevents many tons of CO2 emissions each year and thus makes an important contribution to the fight against climate change.



It is with the abilities and the commitment of our staff that we can fully leverage our potential as an environmentally conscious, dynamic and innovative solar company. We work to foster our staff in individual and targeted ways and to promote a lifestyle that balances work, family and personal development.



Scientific progress and technological innovation are pivotal to the ability of the photovoltaics industry in the long term to offer solar electricity at competitive prices. This is why we are partner through our sister company, Acwa Power International, with the prestigious King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.



We strive to make our activities sustainable based on our environmental policies. In particular, this includes preserving natural resources and analyzing our products's entire useful life. We select our equipment suppliers based on strict quality standards.